Healing Through the Word Bible Study

Healing Through the Word Bible Study

The Word of God gives life and health to all flesh!  You can go to the doctor and get a prescription, but these pills always include  a ton of side effects right!? With God there are NO side effects.  Healing is already yours – all you have to do is receive it. Believe the word of God more than the sickness.  Your faith activates the Word of God into your life.

Fight for your healing!  You do not have to stay sick.  God loves you so much that He gave His only Son for you to be not only saved, but to be healthy and whole in every area of your life. Believe, trust and receive this gift of healing.  He wants you to be healthy and whole, not sick, broke and busted.  Believe.

Get into the Word and begin to train your flesh to align itself to the health that is already yours! Bought and paid for!  By His Stripes You WERE healed! God is our healer and healing comes through faith and faith comes by hearing the Word of God. 

Get into the healing Scriptures, believe them, speak them. Stand and hold fast to the Word through any attack and (here’s the key) do this even when you are not sick and everything is going great. Do this and the next time you feel sickness trying to attack your body your spirit will be prepared for the battle.

Scripture Reference: Psalm 6:3; Psalm 30:2; Psalm 103:1-5; Isaiah 53:5

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