Watering the Seeds of Faith Part 2

Watering the Seeds of Faith Part 2

Have you been watering the seeds of faith?

Faith is the currency in heaven and on earth in the realm of the Spirit.  As believers, we receive everything we have by faith not by a paycheck or medicine alone, but by faith.  We have to stand on the word of God and His promises to live the life that God wants us to have,  the blessed life.

We are overcomers of the world by faith.  But until you believe it, by faith, you cannot receive it.  You can’t think faith out, you have to believe.  Renew your mind with the word of God and begin to rely on faith.  Trust God in your life and never give up on your faith. Plant the seed of faith and water it with the Word of God.

You may be saying, brother, how do you have confidence in sickness, disease, lack, doubt and unbelief? By faith, get in the Word and speak the promises of God over your sickness, smack the devil right in the face with those words.  The bible says that when we speak His words they will not return to us void, that they will accomplish what we ask for and prosper where we sent them (Isaiah 55:11).  This means that when you speak His promise… let’s say over your sickness… Saying “By His stripes I am healed” (Isaiah 53:5) in faith than healing has no choice but to come.  It’s like a legal binding contract and God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19).  He cannot lie.  His promises will come to pass if you speak ONLY His word as you go, as you about your day, as you go through circumstances.

Don’t align your faith with the unbeliever, doubter, nay sayer or even the doctor’s diagnoses.  Align your faith with the word of God.  His word says by His stripes you are healed, His word says, no weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).  Align yourself with these promises and you will be watering your seeds of faith with the word of God.  And then nothing, NOTHING can penetrate God’s word aligned with your faith to defeat you.

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